Proudly presents Gabby - a unique multipurpose WordPress theme

We presents you Gabby, a unique, elegant, flexible and fully responsive WordPress theme which is compatible with Bootstrap and build with visual composer page builder.

GABBY comes with custom plugins that allows you to use Visual composer with Bootstrap at the same time, these plugins provides you with bunch of elements which is added within the visual composer. It’s Unique design are implemented in almost of the elements together with custom build make the theme more stands out among other standard themes. It is suitable for Business, Agency, Publishing or Blog.

Auto Installing Plugin on Theme installation

In some case WordPress theme needs to auto install plugin that is a hard dependencies to their theme, They can try to use the TGMPlugin installation class to help in notifying user that a plugin needs to be installed in order for the theme to work perfectly, But sadly the class won't provide "fully automatic"  installation process.

So is it that hard to tell WordPress to auto install a plugin from theme?

Review of a casino site from a web design perspective

While there is no question that an online casino site needs to be laid out in a manner that is attractive, the most important thing when it comes to the web design of a site such as this is how easy it is for people to navigate around and use. The online casino sector is a thriving, competitive one, meaning that visitors will always have an alternative one they can play poker, slot machines, roulette and other popular casino games at, should the design render it frustrating.

WordPress - Multiple Pager in a single page

WordPress offered us as a developer function to create pagination easily by using the Paginate_links function. One just need to provide the function with configuration arguments array and voila... pager is built.