This article is about how to move the log message to files instead of saving them in database.

Although it may not be acceptable for every one to store the logs in a file, but it will surely helps to ease the database load for sites in share hosting.

The key to do this is by installing the rawlog module, as usual you need to download the module from , then unzip then to your modules directory (sites/all/modules) and enable it on admin/build/modules page.

Then you need to configure the mdoule from admin/settings/rawlog, the setting it self is self explanatory.

Now after you made the settings, you can check if the module is correctly creating the log files using ftp program to download and view the log files.

If the log files successfully created, you can turn off the dblog module and the syslog module.

Notice now your share hosted drupal just got a little bit faster.